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2022 Medicaid ICP Financial Guidelines

Institutionalized Individual's Income Limit

Individual:  $2,523*

*This represents the GROSS Income Limit

Medicare Part B Premium

Medicare Part B Premium: $170.20*

*See Social Security income verification letter

Asset Limits

Individual:  $2,000

Couple: $3,000

Community Spouse: $137,400

Excluded Assets:

  • Principal Residence*

  • One Car

  • Personal Effects

  • Term Life Insurance

  • Certain Whole Life Policies

  • Burial Accounts

  • Irrevocable Burial Contracts

*with an equity value less than $636,000

Community Spouse Income Diversion

Minimum Monthly Maintenance Income Allowance: $2,178

Maximum Monthly Maintenance Income Allowance: $3,260

Excess Shelter Deduction: $654

Standard Utility Allowance: $370

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